Nov. 28, 2019
To ensure equal access to information, we publish clarifications on the application procedure and answers to the first questions we received.

How to apply for the Competition?

One should sign up for the personal account on the Competition website and complete the application form.

What is the application language?

Both russian and foreign applicants must fill the applications in English.

How can we understand if we are an experienced firm or a young firm?

If you can submit three realized reference projects in one or more of the following fields: landscape, public spaces and revitalization of urban spaces, you can apply as an experienced firm.

Young firms can submit realized or unrealized projects in the same fields or other fields which can document the quality of their work.

What is the format for the Declaration?

There is no particular format for the Declaration. However, it is necessary to include a full list of team members.

Can a private person participate in the Competition?

A person who is duly established as a legal entity can participate in the Competition. Private persons can participate in the Competition if they are registered as self-employed entrepreneurs.

Can I get acquainted with the Competition Brief?

The Competition Brief will be published on the website after the Pre-qualification.